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Express Order FAQ

  • Why isn’t my order ready for pick up?
    • We gather your items for you once you arrive. Please be aware there may be a line for pickup during busy times. The website requests you to initial and agree to this during the checkout process. 
  • Can I come back after you get my order ready?
    • Unfortunately, we are very tight on space in our stores, and we do not have a place to store online orders. 
  • Why do you need my order number?
    • We need your order number to assure we are pulling the correct order for you. We send an order confirmation email after the order is placed. If you show me that email, I will be able to help you from there.
    • If you do not have your order number, a manager can help you. 
  • The items I ordered are not in stock. What happens now?
    • We will note it in our system.
    • For schools that we can take backorders, we will ship it to your billing address from your order for free when it is back in stock.
    • For schools that we cannot take backorders for, you will receive a refund processed through the website to the same credit card you used to pay.
  • How long will a refund take? 
    • You will get an email confirmation of the refund within 1 business day. Refunds can take anywhere from 3-10 business days depending on your bank.
  • Can I pick up my backorder here?
    • I’m sorry, we are currently only shipping backorders directly to customers because of space limitations in our warehouse.  The shipping is Free.
  • How do you have my address?  
    • We will ship your order to the billing address you entered during the purchase. If that is not the address you would like us to ship to, you can send us an email at or use the live chat on so that our tech department can update it for you.
  • How can I do an exchange or refund?
    • You can do exchanges and refunds through the normal in-store shopping process or you can get help from live chat and place a new order online.